Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bond with your Kids with Sport Boxing

 With the fame of boxing stars like Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao,  the boxing world had been an enjoyable and fun to watch that even little kids get their own idols  at every world boxing game. Boxing became an interesting event to watch. Boxing celebrities  formerly named ruled the boxing ring and made a history in the world. Who can ever forget  them? There had been knock outs and there are more unforgettable matches being mimicked  by little boys who have their own kids boxing set as preparation for their quest in boxing.  Boxing is thought to be one of the most dangerous sports for kids but there are benefits that  are hard to ignore like:

     1.    Exercise
This is one of the best forms of exercise. It maybe a physical sport but is now demanding in the world of athletics. This is an exercise that enhances stamina and strength. Stamina will help in enduring the length of the match while strength will keep the win.

     2.    Self Defense
Kids will be taught to defend themselves at the times they need it. With the cruelty of the world, you can never be sure that your kids will always be safe.

    3.    Stress Relief
Boxing can be a great way to relieve stress. It can be used as a form of aggression control. Kids have to deal with a lot of emotions throughout their lifetime. Boxing will give them a release and allow them to let out their stress in a positive way.

    4.    Discipline
They learn the value of discipline and control during and after the training and match.

    5.    Strength
Boxing increase strength which in turn boosts bone growth enhances weight loss, and better longevity. With strengthened muscles, better health is achieved.

    6.    Hobby
Most sports become a hobby. If your kid loves boxing and would love it more to learn and be an enthusiast, support them. This means that you are guiding them away from bad vices. Just imagine them being actively physical.

There are benefits in learning boxing. Teach your kids and learn with them. It is more bonding to support and join their interests.

Enhancing Your Skills in Boxing and Sparring

As of today, you can be offered with varieties and most comprehensive collections of sparring equipment now designed for high-performance and high-pace training and competition. These will enhance skills in martial arts and boxing. It is important to have the best sparring gears to be safe during the drill. Sparring enhances skills like reaction speed, foot work, and timing. It also increases confidence and self esteem. In most martial art schools and boxing schools, one key component of training is sparring. Some use boxing as their fitness program and it became an effective program to trim them healthily. As it may post risk or injury, advancement of skills and technique is highly essential. Below are the needed gears:

     1.    Hand Wraps
       Protect your hands from injury and blows. Choose hand wraps that will cushion them well.        Just make sure that you know how to use it without compromising those little bones of your      hands. These will also protect your knuckles from bleeding and the gloves from seeping sweat.

      2.    Head Gear
Choose for the one that will last. Get the quality product even if it costs a bit. High quality materials are always a bit expensive than the regular low quality materials. Be sure of your head’s protection. Do not let soft tissue damage to happen. You cannot predict the force of a blow in your head. Get a well padded headgear to ease your worries and the force of punches. Headgears are amassed at boxing stores. Make the right choice.

     3.    Mouth Guard
If you want to invest well with your teeth, visit your dentist for a customized mouthpiece. Keep those shiny teeth too!

     4.    Sparring Boxing Gloves
Well padded and contoured sparring gloves will protect you and your hands well. You don’t need to be tight pursed of your protection.

     5.    Groin Protectors and Chest Protectors
Do not be confident of your reflexes. You might be protecting your head but missed protecting your chest and lower part. You don’t need setbacks. You only need the best quality of gears to keep you winning with minimum to no injuries from training to real fight.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Training a Three-Year-Old in Boxing

Engaging your kids in sports is like teaching them the way to health and fitness. As there are a lot of sports to choose from, some take special interest in boxing. Today, even toddlers delight themselves in the ring that kid’s boxing gloves set for 3year old is abound to pave the way for early boxing training. Boxing gloves are made for kids from the age of 4 till teenage. These depend on age.  Bigger and heavier gloves are for bigger kids. These are made with foam and gel padding but are covered with leather, synthetic leather, or vinyl. The shape of gloves for kids is the same but the wrist part is with Velcro for easy use.

The first thing to entice your kid to train is to familiarize him with the tools and equipment's in boxing. For this, kid’s boxing gloves is one while other boxing equipment's that are handy will add to their excitement like foot and hand wraps, boxing shoes, protective gear, mouthpiece, boxing shorts, etc.

To develop their interest in boxing, watch with them some boxing videos featuring boxers who are familiar to them. Make sure that you explain to them the goal of the game and the reason for the competition. Incorporate teaching them the basics of the sports. There are boxing classes that offers the training too. After personal training your kids, you can enroll them in a class to engage them in a friendly competition and a training that will help them meet new friends with the same interest. This way, they get more excited and they learn to be competitive in styles and skills. Soon, they will have their own favorite boxer and it will delight them all the more if you bring them to watch a live competition. This will make them see real styles and techniques in boxing.

Boxing is an exciting sport.  Early learning will mean early development of skills. With the right gears, attitude and techniques… winning in the ring is not hard. Just like the famous boxers, they start early and reap success early as well.

The Right Sports Supplies in Boxing

Boxing is truly a cheap sport to maintain. You only need some equipments and sports supplies to hone skills with the techniques and strategies learned. With hard work and determination along with the basic supplies, what can a boxer need more? Regarding conditioning, the first equipment you need is your body. With a tight budget, choose for boxing gears and equipments you can assemble at home or better yet, hunt for cheap gears. There are a lot of discounts you can take advantage of. Make sure you have chosen your work clothes. These include shorts, t-shirts, socks, and shoes. If you are working at home with heavy bags without partner, you need the following: Jumping Rope (Skipping Rope), Hand Wraps, Bag Gloves, Heavy Bag and Timer. But if you have a partner to train with, you will need: headgear, mouth guard, sparring gloves, groin protector, etc.
What are the considerations in choosing for gears and equipments?

If you are just starting, you don’t need boxing shoes at once. You can make use of a pair of athletic shoes until the competition. But you will always have the option to choose what comforts your feet. There are a lot of offers in all sports shops. Even online sports shops offer more.

Hand Wraps
Hand wraps are the right precautions for your little fingers. If you don’t want them breaking and making you cripple, choose for the most comfortable hand wraps. Make sure that you know how to use them. Protect your hands especially your knuckles. You can choose from various sizes and colors.

Bag Gloves
Bag gloves or training gloves are not the same with sparring gloves or competition boxing gloves. Bag gloves are made with right padding for hand protection while giving hard punches. Do not be tight purse in buying one otherwise; you might blow it in a hard blow.

Heavy Bag
For beginners, most boxers use the aqua punching bag. Although there are a lot of options, choosing this will bring more comfort than accidents.

There are more to include like headgear, mouth guard, sparring boxing gloves, groin protector, chest protector, speed bags, double end bags, skipping ropes, and a lot more.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The World inside the Boxing Ring

Are you a boxing aspirant? If you dream to be the king of the boxing ring, you can’t just throw left and right punches. You need a high level of strength, agility, stamina, and endurance. You need powerful punches, blocking, slips, and quick jabs. You need workouts of sprints, interval trainings, and drills for the perfect muscle, speed, and power to develop the right technique. Below are the steps for boxing training program:

 1.      The jump-rope interval workouts
This can be done three times a week to improve stamina. You need to jump rope for two minutes with one minute rest for heart rate to recover easily. Do this for five times. Rest for a minute and jump rope again for six minutes, then cool down. This will conjure up physical demands during a match.

 2.      Resistance training workouts
In developing muscular strength and power, go for workout of resistance training three days a week.  To do this, use compound exercises like pushup, lunges, squats, pull-ups, overhead shoulder press, and triceps drips. It will be best to do this in four sets with twelve repetitions. Challenge your muscles using moderately heavy weight. Try eight repetitions for more positive effects.

 3.      Sprint workouts
This should be done two days a week. Take a hundred meter sprinting and walk back to recover. Do a five set then time the other five sets. Make sure to record the times and raise your speed in every sprint. Improve your workout every sprint as well.

 4.      Shadow boxing and bag workouts
Practice shadow boxing and bag work three days a week.  This will enhance effective boxing technique. In practicing shadow boxing, use a combination of jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and cross punches for one minute then rest for one minute. Perform combinations of jab and cross-punch on the heavy bag for one minute and rest again for another minute. Repeat the shadow practice and rest again for one minute. The same minute is required for hook and uppercut combination on the heavy bag. Take rest for one minute. Finish the cycle for 5 repetitions.

You only need:
  • Jumping rope
  • Stop watch
  • Heavy bag

The Right Equipments to Boxing Expertise

A good boxer needs the right sports equipments to improve his skills in the boxing ring. This is a given fact. If you think you have it all for a match, think twice. Review what you have. Prior to the skills you need, choose a gym that would accommodate you and is accessible of equipments and gears like:
  • Boxing Gloves
There should be two pairs of boxing gloves – a light pair of bag gloves (10 oz. or less) for the speed bag and heavy bag and a full size gloves (14 – 16 0zs.) for sparring. These gloves are intended to cushion the hand well and keep the hand from getting injured. It is also helpful to use hand wraps before wearing the gloves.
  • Boxing Ring
 Real experience in the ring will give you the chance to feel the real challenge. Join a gym where sparring with an opponent happens. Boxing ring is about 16 feet by 16 feet to 34 feet by 24 feet. The boxing ring is the perfect place in testing and executing your skills in boxing.

  • Speed Bag
 This oldest boxing equipment helps boxers in throwing punches with the right speed, agility, and accuracy. It helps in learning the angles in hitting right. The speed bag will polish boxing skills and strategies. It enhances speed and endurance.

  •  Heavy Bag
 The heavy bag will test your whole body’s weight. This is the tool where you can use your upper body, lower body and core muscles in the right

  • Protective Equipment
Protective Equipments include a mouth guard – for protection of the mouth and teeth from hard blows and prevention of mouth lacerations and broken teeth, a supporter and cup -  for prevention of injuries to the reproductive organs, protective head gear – to protect the head from injury of hard blows, hand wraps – for hand protection, and boxing shoes - help fighters move smoothly in the ring without turning or injuring their ankles.

Along all these, you need a trainer to help you execute all strategies and techniques easily because even if you know the principles and you have all the tools and equipments, someone will help with all those.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Blows and Punches of Manny Pacquiao

The world has seen Sport boxing and most people will smile and think about the Philippines “Pambansang Kamao,” Manny Pacquiao. He is called:
  •  Pac-Man
  • The Destroyer
  • The Mexicutioner
  •  The Filipino Slugger
  • The Nation’s Fist
He has the boxing record of:

  •        67 total fights
  •       59 wins
  •       38 wins by knock out
  •       6 losses
  •       2 draws
His amateur career started at the age of 14 with the record of fights of 60 wins and 4 losses. His professional career came with a bang in the boxing ring when his close friend, Eugene Barutag, an aspiring boxer died. His name became famous because of his surname, style in boxing and unique looks. From 98 pounds, he gained to 106-113 pounds.  He tasted defeat but he improved his blows and punches. He took the trainings seriously.  After his loss he rose for championship in WBC and lineal Flyweight and made these as his first major boxing world title. At the Super Bantam Weight, where he got the title and defended it for five times. He won the world ring with his fight with Marco Antonio Barrera via technical knockout. Philippines rejoiced with the bouts. His blows and punches brought him fame and wins. Manny became even more famous and his boxing career soared even higher. He moved from one featherweight to another where he left marks of his boxing skills. From one fight to another, Manny Pacquiao stood and rise. He brought honor to his country and to his town. He became the crowd’s favorite and became one of the world’s athletes who earn big. His boxing skills brought him more fame but he did not limit himself with the boxing ring.  He learned basketball and business.  At this time, he is also a politician.
le to deliver your speech effectively.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Relishing the Manny Pacquiao Fever

In the Sports Boxing, Manny Pacquiao conquered the hearts of boxing fanatics not only in the Philippines but also the whole world. This Filipino boxer was born on December 17, 1978 in Bukidnon, Philippines and is blessed with an extra-ordinary skill in boxing – making him one of the greatest boxers of all time. Manny Pacquiao is considered to be the first and the only eight-division world champion because he won eleven major world titles.  Also, he is the first to win the lineal title in five different weight classes. In the glamour divisions (flyweight, featherweight, and welterweight), he ranks third having won major world titles.
In the year 2000, the Boxing Writers Association along with WBC and WBO tagged him as the “Fighter of the Decade.” He won many awards in the years 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2011. There are many coined titles for him like; “The Greatest Asian Fighter of all Time”, “The Best Pound for Pound Boxer in the World,” “Pambansang Kamao,” and a lot more. In the year 2015, he became the highest paid athlete earning more every game from pay-per-view to all his bouts. This boxer is a dreamer and a leader. He ventured in basketball, music recording, acting, politics, and as well as business.

In 2010, he entered politics with flying colors because he was elected congressman in Sarangani. He made it too in his reelection in the same position in 2013. His bouts in his boxing game continued with fame and winnings while in 2016 elections, he became one of the Philippines Senator who will serve a six year term until 2022. Manny Pacquiao is the epitome of sports, politics, and other fames. He continues with what makes him closer to people but he remains to be on top of the boxing world – making him the living legend of the boxing industry – a pride to his name and to his country.