Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ramirez vs. Bone: A Boxing Match to Look Forward to

Come June 20 this year, one big event in the boxing world is RAMIREZ vs BONE where Eddie Ramirez with 16 wins and 0 loss (11 Kos) will face Erick Bone with 16 wins and 4 losses (8 KOs) in a ring showdown for a 10-round junior welter weight fight live in Las Vegas. Fans are beginning to get excited as the fight nears. This will be televised at exactly 9 pm ET/ 6 pm. Prior to the fight, there will be featured showdowns first, between Dennis Galarza and Mexican junior welterweight boxer, Omar Tienda for a ten-round match and second, between Xavier Martinez and Prince Smalls for an eight-round battle. The live event is being handled by Mayweather Promotions putting tickets on sale from $15 to $45. Mayweather Promotions put together solid boxers to help them strengthen their positions and reputations in boxing.

To sum up, Eddie Ramirez became the Chicago Golden Gloves champion after knocking out seven opponents and having five winnings in the year 2015. Along with this is his winning over Cristobal Cruz and knocking out the unbeaten Kevin Watts in September. When February came, he won over Ryan Karl in a nine round bout. Erick Bone, on the other hand started his professional boxing career in the year 2011. He gained his reputation after winning 16 out of 17 fights. He won over Mahonry Montes and Aaron Dominguez. At 28 years of age, he managed to be one of the steel on the ring and won over famous boxers like Shawn Porter, Chris Algieri and Miguel Vazquez.

Both champions are training hard to win the title. With their fans’ prayers and support, these boxers will help them get by all the hardships for the win. There are a lot of boxers who climb their ways for the title and reputation but these two may have gained a lot. On 20th, the fight will bring the crowd to expectations entertainment. Whoever wins climb for fame and status. The remaining boxer will have to train again for a sure win. Boxing may be a physical game but it is a sport loved by many. It promotes well being and strength. It also assures of fame and power hard to forget. So, if you are a boxing enthusiast, ticket is already available. Score one now and save some for your friends. 

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