Thursday, June 1, 2017

Supporting Your Little Girl’s Dream in the Boxing Ring

It is not a man’s world! What men can do, women can do too. Just like boys and girls – if boys love boxing, there is no reason why girls cannot love it. It is a wonderful sport that girls can participate as well. Laila Ali is a known boxer who took the path of his father, a legendary boxer – Muhammad Ali. If boys are as keen as their boxing idols, today there are kids boxing gloves set pink so that girls can explore the boxing world and make a name. Training girls in boxing will allow them develop their physical toughness and mental dexterity. It also enhances endurance, increasing boxing intelligence, solidifying proper boxing technique, and even building strength. It is also essential to utilize a training coach so as to teach the right techniques and skills in boxing.

What are the benefits?
Girls will be able to have excellent physical condition and thus enjoins all the muscle groups to provide both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. They will be able to learn self confidence.

What are the warnings to consider?
Since boxing is a physical sport, it can hurt girls more. There will be bruises and other injuries.  There will also possibilities of broken bones of the hands and other parts. Girls must know and understand these.

The Misconceptions
The truth is, boxing can also be a sport for girls. In the boxing athletics, there is a competition for men as there is for women. Today, it can be a legitimate profession too for women. Boxing gyms are not confined in men because girls take the time to train and win.

Women grow not only in height but also in physical and mental capability. With the training, girls learn a lot from skills to values. This will enable them to learn values and grow better.

Today, gender roles include women in all activities they can manage. Boxing is included in this notion. As women are enjoined at the Olympic boxing level, clarity on gender equality is considered. This means that women can succeed in boxing just as men can.

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