Sunday, July 23, 2017

Is Pac-man Ready to throw the White Towel?!

Will it be a walk away scenario with Manny Pac-man Pacquiao in the boxing world?  After the controversial fight in Brisbane, Australia – questions arose.  Will he retire?  A lot of people want to discuss retirement with Pacquiao because fans and boxing enthusiasts are edgy to know.  At the age of 38, his fame still continues. His unforgettable losses are his matches over Manuel Marquez and Floyd Mayweather.  Even with debatable losses, Manny seemed to be the favorite boxer. With his age and his position in the Philippine government, Manny Pacquiao may have to draw the line between his boxing career and being a senator.  With this, he may need to choose.  With his interviews, he prides himself of fighting for the country as long as his strength can hold.  His fight with Jeff Horn came close to fame and another match with Mayweather.  But Jeff horn was as ready as Pac-man.  The Aussie boxer ultimately scored a shocking decision win.  Many thought Manny Pacquiao won but Jeff Horn showed early aggression and executed better tactics to outsmart the Pac-man.  Some boxing thought otherwise but, the ring is dominated by Jeff Horn.  Well, whether Manny won or not, the question still remains.  Is he ready to leave and be a more serious senator of the Philippines?

Jeff Horn, challenged a rematch.  Will Manny Pacquiao accept another bout with him?  This means a delay in his retirement.  It is an enticing opportunity to bring another honor to his country.  It his another chance to challenge Floyd Mayweather and be in another fight of the century. Will he seriously submit to Horn’s challenge?  It was said by him on ESPN that he would “exercise his rematch clause.”  I hope it is not better said than done.  Does he enjoy fighting more? Or will he stop getting up in the ring?  Let us wait and see…  He is already a millionaire and a senator in his country.  His family seems to be well tended for and is stable financially.  There are businesses in his name along with properties in his country and abroad.  What more can he ask for?

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