Friday, July 21, 2017

The Making of a Champion: Jeff Horn

Jeff horn is made as a champion.  Just like other boxers, his experiences honed him to strive to become the best.  After the July 2 match with Manny Pacquiao, he hit the mark.  It had been controversial but with the rescoring results, all qualms are put into bed.  Jeff Horn Training built a 66.7 kg physique loaded with the right mental and physical powers to topple the famous pambansang kamao of the Philippines, Manny “Pac-man” Paquiao. He was a timid student who was always bullied in school.   He sought self defense because he is always being bullied in school.  His teacher became his trainer when he began to love boxing.  Who would imagine his suicidal thoughts can make him improve his power and reign in the boxing arena?  He dedicated his time in torturous training regime for physical equipment and cross through his professional career in boxing.  Aside from the rigid training, he is equipped with the right people to help him rebuild existing strength and power and thus bring out all the skills needed for him to conquer all his opponents.  Glenn Rushton, his trainer taught him how to throw a punch, make a fist, and how to miss punches from opponents.  It started from there and he made more than just that.  He focused on how to overcome things.  Dundee Kim helped him strengthen his back, shoulders, and arms.  It brought him a change of atmosphere because the training was done at the gym of Dundee Kim.  The training went for four years in a two weekly sessions of two hours.  The benefits of weight training were on to his side.  His team built him well physically.  The mass and muscles were well contoured and tested for power and flexibility.  It was a team work.  It was a real training.  His family and friends supported him and prayed for his win.  He pulled all his strength to build himself well and he did not fail.  Defeating Manny Pacquiao put another feather in his hat.  In his country, his countrymen cheered for him.  He brought success to Australia – his home whom he dedicated his success.  

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